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​Hi I'm Amy Phillips

Creative Director / Artist / Zen Master

Welcome to Good Vibes Art!

I've been painting with wild abandon to create positive energy art for more than 30 years. I am a ceritfied Art & Happiness coach with a degree in Computer Graphics and Commercial Art.

I primarily create art for people I haven't met yet. Emersing myself in to a piece until it feels complete is an adrenilin rush. When a connection has been made with one or more of my pieces, I know its found a good home. My art has been featured locally and through out Michigan. Commissions are available upon request.

Though a Michigan artist, my inspiration flows from all over the world; from Puerto Rico to England and back again. I have worked for years as a photographer, graphic designer, and clothing designer. Combining this experience with my traveling and artistic skills has form Good Vibes Art Studio.

P.S. I love traveling and trying new coffee shops. You will frequently find me enjoying a cup with my coffee friends and clients. When I'm not traveling to find another inspiring magical moment. Feel free to stop by and say hi if you see me! I love meeting new people. 


Here are some of the TECHNIQUES

At Good Vibes I create positive energy art using mixed media. Gallery pieces could include acrylic, watercolor, spray medium, wood, glass and metal among a myriad of other treasures.

Gravity Flow

Just as it sounds. In this painting technique where the paint consistency dictates a lot of the flow

from thick to thin in the linear movements. A singular flow of paint to multiple at one time.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to this style.

Dirty Pour

By using varying paint colors combined with a flow medium it creates movement on the canvas. Every time it's different. Think marbling with paint


Using thick paint or medium that I run a tool or my fingers across to creates peaks and valleys.

Also building up painting upon painting on a singular canvas to create definition. 

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